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Water stands as a vital element for our well-being, yet consuming unfiltered tap water might pose risks to your family's health.

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Unknown to many, when water authorities draw water from Waragamba Dam, they introduce certain chemicals like Chlorine and fluoride to eradicate harmful bacteria, substances that could adversely affect our health. During its journey to your tap, the water supply accumulates various impurities like plastics, metals, pesticides, and even hormonal residues.

The Quality of Sydney's Tap Water

Despite a rigorous filtration process, Sydney’s tap water contains a surprising array of elements that pass through the filtration process or get added along the way. Over 300 worrisome chemicals, including pharmaceuticals and pesticides, have been detected in Sydney’s tap water.

Contaminants such as copper, lead, and plastic particles find their way into the water supply post-filtration, posing significant health risks.

Furthermore, the water authority supplements the water with chlorine, ammonia, and fluoride, substances that have been associated with severe health complications.

Varieties of Filters We Offer:

  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Twin Under Sink Filters
  • Countertop Filters
  • Whole House Water Supply Filters

Why Opt for a Water Filter?

  • Filtered water exhibits a superior taste.
  • Filters effectively eliminate harmful chemicals and metals, rendering water healthier for your family.
  • Filtered water is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing bottled water.
  • Chlorine and its byproducts are reduced, minimizing the risk of rectal, colon, and bladder cancers.
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