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Hot Water Systems

Selecting the appropriate hot water storage solution is crucial to avoid inconveniences for your family. A lack of hot water poses daily challenges.

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A solar hot water storage system primarily consists of a heater and storage module, available as a tank or cylinder. These water heaters are designed for fuel efficiency, allowing homeowners to save up to 70% on water heating costs over the unit's lifespan. This exceptional figure showcases the potential for a quick return on the investment within a few years.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Having an electric hot water storage system on a multi-story property offers an advantage. Regardless of whether the heater is in the attic or loft, achieving exceptional water flow is possible. This allows for high-pressure hot water, even without the storage system installed in the loft, ensuring a consistent supply.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems boast several advantages, notably low maintenance and infrequent breakdowns. With these systems, interruptions to your hot water supply or heating are rare, ensuring consistent hot water provision over the long term. However, the drawback lies in the accumulating costs over time.

Solar Power Hot Water Systems

As more individuals express concern over rising energy costs, a shift towards green and renewable energy becomes prevalent. Solar power systems may involve higher installation costs, but the accrued savings over a few years are substantial.

Hot Water Repairs for Sydney Residents

Few things are more inconvenient for Sydney residents than discovering a malfunctioning or non-functional hot water system when gearing up for a refreshing shower in the morning!

Usually, hot water heater repairs should be handled by licensed plumbing professionals (like us at Sydney’s Drain Men). However, you can take this opportunity to diagnose your system and decide whether you’re comfortable exploring DIY hot water tank repair solutions.

Here are some helpful tips!

  • Turn off your hot water before attempting any emergency repairs on the system.
  • Examine essential elements of your hot water heater independently. For gas systems, ensure a steady gas supply, check for leaks, and confirm the gas heating system is operational. For electric systems, inspect the thermostat, heating element, wiring, and other electrical components.
  • Look for burnt-out components, leaks, or obvious signs of damage before attempting repairs.

While addressing simple and apparent issues as DIY hot water tank repairs is feasible, fixing a broken or damaged system requires expertise best left to the experts.

For proper hot water system repairs in Sydney performed by knowledgeable professionals, reach out to Sydney’s Drain Men. You won’t be disappointed!

Hot Water System Replacement When It's Unrepairable

At Sydney’s Drain Men, we understand the importance of replacing hot water systems periodically – more often than homeowners might realize.

As a general guideline, hot water replacements should occur every 8 to 12 years. If your hot water heater surpasses this timeline significantly, consider embracing the benefits of new energy-efficient and on-demand hot water systems.

Here are some questions to consider before proceeding with a hot water unit replacement:

  • Is your hot water system unreliable or no longer functioning?
  • Does your hot water system fail to produce the required capacity of hot water daily?
  • Could you achieve substantial savings with a hot water replacement unit?


When you choose to work with Sydney’s Drain Men professionals, you can trust the job will be done right the first time around!

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