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Our crew of certified and skilled plumbers is adept at addressing tap-related concerns, ranging from basic tap repairs such as washer replacements for leaky taps to comprehensive bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We also specialize in identifying and managing issues like fractured Flexi hoses, noisy tap lines, and leaky taps.

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Understanding the Risks of Flexi Hoses

Flexible water hoses are commonly utilized in Sydney households for various purposes, often around sinks, basins, and toilets. Comprised of braided metal layers enclosing a rubber core, these hoses are relatively inexpensive. However, their durability is limited, typically lasting no more than a decade. When a flex hose ruptures, it can result in a flood of up to 1500 liters of water per hour throughout your residence.

Picture the damage this could cause if the breakage occurs while you’re away! Burst Flexi hoses can particularly exacerbate water damage in modern open-plan homes, which tend to flood swiftly and extensively.

Common Tap Issues in Sydney

Tap problems within your household can be highly inconvenient. A leaky tap or a burst Flexi hose can significantly inflate your water bill.

  • Noisy Taps : This issue is more prevalent in copper or iron pipes due to metal’s sound-amplifying properties. A noisy tap might stem from faulty plumbing design, an ill-fitted washer, or a washer seat in need of cleaning.
  • Fractured Flexi Hose : All Flexi hoses possess a finite lifespan, typically rupturing after a decade of use, although premature bursts are possible. A rupture in a Flexi hose occurs when the braided inner lining breaks, causing expansion within the rubber interior.
  • Leaking Tap : The most common issue with fixtures is water leakage from taps. Various factors can lead to a leaky faucet, including damaged or worn-out washers, improperly installed washers, or corrosion.

Why Timely Tap Repairs Are Crucial

Addressing tap-related issues promptly is essential to prevent water wastage from leaks or burst Flexi hoses. In addition to water wastage, a leaking tap can create noise disturbances, disrupting your and your family’s sleep. Prolonged water leaks may foster mold buildup, while stagnant water can attract insects and bacteria into your residence. Engaging a reputable plumbing company in Sydney, such as Sydney’s Drain Men, as soon as you detect a problem, can avert these issues.

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