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Electric Hot Water Systems

The benefits of upgrading your hot water system with modern technology are evident. Electric hot water installations have significantly advanced in efficiency and cost-effectiveness over the past decade. Opting for an electric hot water system installation by professionals like us at Sydney's Drain Men is an obvious choice. Here are key advantages you can gain by transitioning to new hot water systems!

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Instant hot water from 240v power

Tankless electric hot water heaters deliver hot water on demand, leading to substantial savings. Instead of maintaining a large volume of hot water continuously and overworking the system when the supply runs out, tankless heaters heat water as needed. This saves money while providing an endless supply of hot water when required.

Significantly reduced energy expenses

Similar to gas hot water systems, electric hot water systems contribute to lowering energy bills. This is primarily due to the on-demand heating feature, eliminating the need to continuously heat water and maintain high temperatures, resulting in substantial monthly energy savings.

Temperature zoning capabilities

Many modern hot water heater solutions allow effortless temperature zoning. You can independently adjust the temperature of hot water outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas. This ensures a hot shower without risking scalding in the kitchen while maintaining optimal water temperatures for laundry.

Elimination of bacterial growth with our Electric Hot Water Installation

Warm water promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. Tankless electric hot water heaters eliminate this risk as they don’t store water, eradicating the environment where bacteria thrive.

Space-efficient design with electric tankless water heaters

Installing new tankless hot water systems can significantly save space in your property, whether in the basement or utility closet.

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