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Is your toilet showing signs of constant running or difficulty flushing? Are you experiencing slow filling or no filling at all? Sydney's Drain Men have the expertise to address various toilet issues—no problem is too big or too small.

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Common Toilet Problems and Their Causes

Toilets can malfunction in numerous ways. Here are some examples:

  • Leaking Toilet: Typically caused by cracks within the toilet structure.
  • Toilet not flushing: Can result from pipe blockages or inadequate water levels.
  • Constantly running toilet: Often due to damaged or faulty inlet valves.

Identifying Your Toilet's Problem

Toilets, with their multiple components, sometimes present challenging issues to identify. If you suspect a problem, there are ways to pinpoint the issue.

A continuously running toilet is often evident by the sound of continuous refilling or emitting a hissing noise. To detect a potential leak, use dark-colored food dye. Flush your toilet, add the dye to the tank, wait for at least half an hour, and if the water in the bowl changes color, it indicates a leak—rest assured, the dye won’t cause harm and will return to normal after a few flushes.

If you suspect a crack, turn off the tap behind the toilet, note the water level, and check it after a few hours. A lower water level could indicate a crack.

The Importance of Prompt Repairs

Addressing a minor issue swiftly prevents it from escalating into a major problem. For instance, a small leak could lead to surrounding damage and increased water bills. Emergency situations like an overflowing toilet can cause rapid damage and pose health risks.

How Sydney's Drain Men Can Assist

Sydney’s Drain Men are trusted experts in toilet repairs. Our experienced local plumbers have tackled various toilet issues over the years, ensuring efficient and reliable solutions.

We offer assistance by:

  • On-the-spot toilet assessments
  • Prompt repairs
  • Replacement of older toilet models if necessary
  • Removal of old toilets
  • Providing advice on water efficiency at home

If you’re facing toilet issues, contact Sydney’s Drain Men, your reliable plumbing service in Sydney, for swift and dependable service at (02) 91380656 or via email at

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